anoisybrain asked:

She does not follow him, he does not follow her on instagram. He also deleted some photos. Strange, agree?

At least they didn’t unfollow each other on Twitter hahaha. What photos did he delete?!? Maybe something happened between them. Or maybe they’ve been told to act like strangers. We don’t know what happened but let’s just keep believing in them and wait patiently for an answer :3




@llama_ajol: my friends,who are amazing singers, still sing happybday off key haha love u guys! 내 친구들 노래 완전 잘해도 생일축합니다 음 틀리게 부르네요ㅋ친구들 사랑한다!

@henrylau89: @llama_ajol LOL happybday girllll

@llama_ajol: thanks bro, love that lil live performance u and boys did over the phone haha

@llama_ajol: da boys suprised me with a cake.. i think ima cry @henrylau89 @isaachann @genneo1 and dr. justin

Surprise for the birthday girllll by Henry and the boys

(sr Berklee oppas for this kind of [anonymous] drawing again x”P)



Henry: rehearsing “Holiday” in hotel room before the Singapore Entertainment Awards


Anonymous asked:

Hello! I just want to tell you i LOVE your blog! I was wondering, wasn't there a 1-4-3 performance where Henry wouldn't let Amber leave the stage? I can't find it anywhere.

Ah I’m so sorry I didn’t see this message until now but thank you for liking my blog :3 I think you’re looking for this: . He held her hand and pulled her back when she was about to leave after her part. This was not the performance they aired on TV but just a performance they did for the live audience so that’s why they were a little bit more touchy with each other ;) Hope this helps & continue to support Henber ^^