pnktp asked:

hi dear c: did u know that Henry's brother approves of henber too? Keke go google keywords like "henber Henry's brother" and see the tweets for yourself c:

Hi :3 YES YES YES! I was totally gonna put it on the post I made. I saved some screenshot thing before but I was too lazy to find it. I actually made that post a few weeks/a month ago but I drafted it and forgot to publish it and then I got Henber deprived so I just clicked PUBLISHED without adding the Clinton Lau thing haha :( 

A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Ship Henber 

1. They celebrate birthdays together
2. They’ve been flirting online for the past two years
3. They made a holiday video for fans in 2011
4. And now they have an official song and music video in 2013
5. They have cute nicknames for each other
6. And an official ship name
7. They hold hands on public broadcast
8. Amber’s sister ships them as well
9. They take care of each other when one of them is sick
10. They do things like run across stage into each other’s arms
11. And have cute piggyback rides on stage as well
12. And also… they might come out with an album together in the future